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Ahh, boiled peanuts, next to popcorn, I think this may be my all time favorite snack.  Try this crock-pot recipe for your next party, or just because you love them!

I love boiled peanuts year round, as does Gary, but when it’s time for fall and football, they seem to be a given that we have them on hand.  Gary is the one who first came up with making these at home, being that he loves jalapenos, and anything spicy, he just decided to add them to the pot. Over time I started adding a thing or two I wanted in them and this is what we have come up with.  We also cook these for at least a day up to a day and a half, so plan ahead!  Its very possible this recipe will be tweaked over time, we just like to throw things in, no measuring, very reckless and delicious every time.  I will keep you posted!


Peanuts, we get enough to fill our 6 qt crock pot.  I will weigh them next time!

3-4 Jalapenos

2 tbs salt

3 tbs of seasoned salt

1 tbs garlic powder

1 tbs onion powder

1 tbs paprika

1 tsp Italian seasoning

Pinch of sugar

Black pepper, to taste

Water, to cover



Rinse your peanuts

Cut the jalapeno into quarters

Mix the seasonings

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Place peanuts into the crock pot first, and then add enough water to almost cover, make sure the lid will still fit, add peppers and seasonings, and stir.

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Start the nuts on high for 4 hours then low for 4 hours, and let stay on warm for the remainder of the time, stir every so often. I started them at night, in the morning they had cooked down a bit and I could add a little more water, this isn’t always needed, but doesn’t hurt anything.

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It’s time to enjoy your snack!  If you are going to be serving them at a party, we like to bump the heat back up to low and leave them in the crock-pot so people can enjoy them hot.


Essay about the interlopers, Cover letter for international business development

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