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This is a section of my blog that I will dedicate to the restaurants in Greenville, S.C. that I like to dine at, and what I like to eat when I am there.

More information on each place to come.


The Peddler Steakhouse– Ah, The Peddler, this a restaurant that never lets me down when it is time for a juicy steak, great atmosphere, and a martini.  My family has been having dinners here for years, specifically birthday dinners and celebrations.  The restaurant is in an old stone house with a cozy rustic atmosphere.  When I eat here I like to order the Rib-eye steak, which they cut to your specification, as the Peddler comes around the table, this one of the best steaks in town. The salad bar here is awesome, with fresh ingredients, and a wide variety of them.

Charlies Steakhouse– This happens to be another fabulous steakhouse that has been serving Greenville since 1921.  Charlies steakhouse was my grandfathers favorite place to have a family dinner, next to my grandmothers cooking.  The New York strip is very good with simple seasonings to bring out the beef, with a side of Charlie Sauce, and the best fries in Greenville.  They also serve a Cole slaw (not listed on the menu) with a Trip of salad dressing to choose from.  The peppercorn ranch dressing, on the slaw is really good.

Smoke on the Water- Smoke is a great place all around, from happy hour with appetizers, dinner with the family, or a date night. When we are having dinner at smoke the item I really love is their Prime Rib, all the sides are amazing, you can’t go wrong, but I love the Bowl of Greens.  My friends and I will often do happy hour, ordering a couple drinks and an appetizer or two.  I highly recommend the Smokin’ Jackets with BBQ or the Fried Green Tomatoes.  I also think their chicken wings are some of the best in town, and are one of Gary’s staples when we eat here.

Henry’s Smokehouse & Henry’s Hog Hauler

Brick Street Cafe

Nose Dive

Chicora Alley


If you happen to be interested in Charleston restaurants, here are my all time favorites in the Holy City.


Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar

Poogan’s Porch

Sesame Burgers and Beer


Poe’s Tavern

The Mustard Seed

Boulevard Diner